Australia Alpaca Fibre

Grown Naturally & Sustainably in Tasmania

Our small family business located in North East Tasmania processes our own alpaca fleeces  so you can buy naturally-coloured carded alpaca fibre to spin and felt!

Australian Fibre Collective Licensee

Only 100% Australian grown, manufactured and crafted fibre products can carry this trademarked label.
So, you can be assured that alpaca fibre purchased from Tin Dragon Alpaca Fibre contains no overseas-manufactured or synthetic materials. Furthermore you know when you purchase Alpaca fibre grown in Australia you are buying something that has been ethically grown and sustainably manufactured and crafted.
Australian Fibre Collective logo
White alpaca rovings
We sell a range of natural colours in 100g packets (from $12).
A bulk amount of carded brown alpaca fibe
We sell a range of natural colours in bulk amounts for pick-up from the farm.
A young woman is wearing a hand-knitted alpaca beanie
Hand knitted and crocheted beanies in a range of colours and styles (from $60)
3 Cox's Lane, Branxholm, Tas 7261
Mobile: 040 750 1137
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